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New for 2019 season,

Nomadic Camping Cornwall now offer dog friendly, fully supported  assistance and camping accommodation in our amazing Nordic Tentipi’s.

We can offer bespoke camping solutions for couples or groups for the West Cornwall section of the path from Newquay on the North coast all the way round to Falmouth on the South Coast.

This means that you can walk the path, carrying only what you need for that day, knowing that everything will be waiting for you at the next campsite.

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  • Dog Friendly – dog bed / water and food bowls etc.
  • Collection from airport or train station
  • Transfer to pre erected Tentipi/ Tentipis on or near your requested start point
  • As you progress along the route your Tentipi will be re erected on different campsites.
  • All campsites have been carefully selected and tested by us
  • All cooking, equipment, cutlery, crockery, glasses kitchen essentials, ice box
  • Camp beds, bedding, towels
  • Tables, chairs, gas BBQ and fire pit and logs if allowed by campsite
  • Lighting for Tipi and USB charging.
  • Small selection of games / activities.

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  • Laminated maps and guides for chosen route.
  • Transfer to and from path if campsite is an unreasonable distance from path.
  • Daily shop- e mail us or text us your required shopping list and it will be waiting for you on arrival at the Tipi.
  • Transfer of additional bags between campsites – don’t carry it on path if you don’t need it that day.
  • Laundry service – dirty / wet clothing can be washed and dried and returned the following day.
  • Over estimated the days route – collection from arranged point and transfer to campsite.
  • Transfer back to train station / airport for return journey home.

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Collection from Airports and Train Stations.

(Example is based on 4 people)

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Transfer to pre erected Tentipi on or near the start of your planned route

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Relax and enjoy your evening.

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Camp beds, tables and chairs cooking equipment ice box etc. (dog not included!!).

USB Charging, 240v plugs, LED lighting and controller and internal Tentipi drying rail for clothes

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If the weather is great then cooking and eating can be done outside, however IF the weather is not so kind the GREAT thing about Tentipi is that due to it’s venting system cooking can be done inside if the weather turns sour.

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If it’s a pleasant evening and camp site allows it, why not sit outside by the fire pit toasting marshmallows!! or if it a little to chilly retire inside for a board game or cards against humanity perhaps! and a glass of wine by candlelight.

Bedding and towels are all provided and beds will be made for your arrival each day.

We also ensure everyone gets the same bedding each night !!

If your trip is longer than 1 week. bedding and towels will be refreshed weekly.

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Start the day with a good old breakfast.  (why not pre-order some proper Cornish produce to be waiting in the ice box for your first breakfast).

Head out for your days route – but don’t forget to text me or e-mail me that shopping list for your supplies for that evening and next mornings breakfast. Don’t forget things you may need for packed lunches!)

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Tentipi taken down and moved onto next campsite and set up again. beds made.

Shopping all done- at farm shops using local produce where possible and  or large supermarket.

‘Share current location’ message sent to group so that they know the exact location of Tipi and can navigate to it.

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Due to the complexity of options and combinations possible,  pricing is done on a case by case basis but can be a little as £35.00 per person per day (excluding actual cost of food shopping items)

Use the ‘contact us’ form to contact us with your planned route / itinerary and we can work with you to formulate a solution.

Again due to the complex logistics involved , early booking is essential.

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